Shopgirl How To: What to Pack for a Long Weekend

We have a confession… we have a tendency to over pack.  After much trial and error (and our significant others refusing to carry our bags,) we finally figured out how to pack for a long weekend.

The main idea for a weekend trip is to not over pack.  The best advice we have learned is to  stick with the essentials.  Six great tips we have are:

Packing Essentials
Packing Essentials
  • Dresses are a great item for a long weekend. They are easy to pack, don’t take up very much room and are versatile to dress up or down.
  • Bring only one pair of pants (or jeans) for your weekend getaway.
  • We also recommend bringing three tops. They are easier to pack and you have multiple options for a wardrobe change.
  • Wear your jewelry. This way it cannot get tangled up while en route.
  • Don’t forget the basics: like undergarments, socks, toiletries and a light wrap.
  • Usually, if you need to bring multiple pairs of shoes with on your getaway, we recommend bringing two (one in your overnight bag and one on your feet.)

The goal for a long weekend is to enjoy your mini-vacation. Hopefully, these tips help you pack a little lighter next time.

Until next time, stay classy and sassy!


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