Designer Spotlight: Anne Sportun

One of our favorite fine jewelry designers is Anne Sportun. Her designs are dainty,  simple, and beautiful.

Two Charms from Anne Sportun, a perfect addition to a necklace!
This Tree Charm and Stardust Charm are a perfect addition to a necklace!

Sportun’s love for jewelry began at an early age. She began making jewelry in the basement of the house she grew up in, where she had access to all of her father’s tools. Sportun continued her dream to be a jewelry designer by entering a 3-year Jewelry Arts program. Over 4 decades later, she is still creating stunning pieces. Sportun is inspired by the balance (or lack thereof) in nature. The asymmetrical essence of each piece is reflected in her work. Using the combination of goldsmithing and naturalistic beauty, Sportun’s craftsmanship is impeccable. The raw appearance of the gemstones in her wrap bracelets and the asymmetrical design of her open concept ring shows the beautiful imbalance.

Anne Sportun's open concept ring
Anne Sportun’s open concept ring

Anne’s jewelry uses delicate texture, unexpected asymmetry and gorgeous semi-precious gemstones and diamonds. She has a unique ability to design jewelry that feels fresh and will never go out of style. Her tagline ‘Precious Everyday’ is right in line with our philosophy of wearing your beautiful and precious things every day!

Perfect wrap bracelets for Valentine's Day
Perfect wrap bracelets for Valentine’s Day

This is the perfect gift for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day! These are pieces that you have to see in person, so stop in soon to get your Valentine’s Day checklist taken care of!

Anne Sportun
The designer, Anne Sportun

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