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Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to my very first blog post EVER! I have so many ideas and can’t wait to share them all with you. Come on in and make yourself at home. I should probably introduce myself, I am a personal shopper, fashionista, small-town girl, big city dreamer, and now… newly found blogger.

My name is Holly Germain and I am a shopgirl at Touch of Class (TOC), a marvelous little treasure of a shop in downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin. I spend most of my days at TOC obsessing over fabulous ready-to-wear, fine jewelry and exquisite housewares. I absolutely love guiding customers, friends, and family through their shopping journey to help them find that perfect “thing”… well most of the time “things”!!

You see, I’ve always had a sort of passion for fashion. My mom used to often catch me trying out her makeup, putting on her clothes and jewelry, and strutting in her shoes. Our “Mommy-Daughter” days were mostly centered around shopping- so mom, if you’re reading this, my obsession with fashion started with you:) With all of this shopgirl enthusiasm bursting through my seams, I decided I needed a fashion outlet!

“Shopgirl Obsessions” is my means of expressing this excitement through a blog. I want to spread my love for the finer things, educate the world on why they are worth it, share my TOC obsessions, and combine the importance of community with the vision of this shop.

My posts will be centered around a community theme or event. I want to explore the versatility of our products and how they can fit in with everyday life; while supporting and featuring other businesses, events, and organizations. Occasionally my posts will feature some of my amazing coworkers from TOC to give you an inside look at their passion for fashion as well. Most of all, I want to have fun with it!!

I would LOVE your feedback, ideas, comments, and hopefully compliments;) I couldn’t be more excited to share my shopgirl world with you. Make sure to check back soon for the inside look at the upcoming event, ARTSPiRE. I will be featuring the perfect outfit, all of the need-to-know details, and a few comments from our very own store manager, Kay Mazza, who is also the head of ARTSPiRE’s entertainment committee!! Keep June 13 & 14 open, you will thank me later!

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Until next time, stay sassy and classy!


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  1. Nicely done! :-) I look forward to you next post and many more of those ‘Mommy-daughter’ excursions! <3 Love, Mom

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